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Maurizio Errico

Maurizio Errico LDLICF Founder

Who We Are.

LDLICF brings bespoke interiors to the finest living and retail spaces. We cater to every taste and style from traditional to contemporary. Our talented and experienced team works closely with each client to develop their individual aesthetic, to create interiors that not only deliver on function, but also inspire the senses.
Our penchant for modern design and old world refinement translates into one-of-a-kind furnishings.

Led by Maurizio Errico, a New York City-based architect originally from Italy, LDLICF offers a wide range of complex custom work services.

“My team and I travel the world to discover new trends and to source the highest quality materials and finishes. We fine-tune a vision, using premium materials for an interior that’s unequivocally and uniquely your own.

Welcome to LDLICF, we look forward to working with you.”


Custom Kitchens

Solid wood


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Pietre Mediterranee

LDLICF portfolio of finest natural stone imported from the mediterranea area. We take pride in our ability to procure materials through our relationships with top quarries around the world. We make our mission to exceed your expectations.

Cut to Size

For orders that require special format we have the material cut overseas in any size, thickness, and finish desired.

Custom Orders

Cut or sculpted from a solid block of stone our creations varies from a bathtubs to a fireplaces, sinks and more.

Custom Fine Cabinetry

We start with the selection finishes, materials, hardware and accessories to provide you with exceptional fine cabinetry for your interior spaces. Customization is our specialty! Create a legacy worth handing down through the generations with our bespoke interior furnishing services made to order, made to last.

Lightweight stone lr
Lightweight Marble – What is It?

Marble is one of the most elegant building materials available, prized for its natural beauty and luxurious aesthetics. However, architects often refrain from including marble in their designs due to its sheer bulk. Lightweight marble offers the same sophisticated look, but without the weight – and because it is much lighter than quarried marble, designers can use it non-traditional ways such as in cabinetry and custom furniture.

So, what is lightweight marble? Lightweight marble consists of a slab of real marble, about .25 inches thick glued to an underlying honeycomb aluminum panel, PVC, polypropylene, or glass with specific resins. This results in an extremely resistant and light panel covered by a natural material. Lightweight granite, stone, and other materials using this same construction are also available.

Lightweight marble is much lighter than traditional marble slabs used in construction, with the weight varying from marble to marble. The main value offered by lightweight marble panels over slabs is the lighter weight and subsequent ease in handling. Lightweight marble also helps architects to meet the requirements set forth by modern environmental regulations by reducing the use of raw materials. If you’re looking for an elegant way to meet the needs of a more sustainable development, lightweight marble can help you do to that while simultaneously increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs, and delivering the aesthetic modern buyers crave.

LDLICF is one of the few companies in the market capable of translating this technology into cabinetry and custom furniture. Where most of the existing manufacturing of lightweight marble is focused on the production of the panels, we transform lightweight stone into interior masterpieces.


We offer a plethora of creative services, each of which is tailored to match the project’s requirements. We specialize in bespoke residential, hospitality, and retail furnishings milled and crafted by experienced artisans and engineered by our technicians.

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bathvanity black
Bespoke Kitchens

We start with the selection of finishes, materials, hardware and accessories to provide you with exceptional fine cabinetry for your interior spaces. 

Get Inspired

Bathroom Vanities

We offer fine custom cabinetry, vanities, wood products inspired by architectural elements all custom made to the highest of standards.

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Thinking without limits without using premade components from a catalog we design and build unique walk in closets with the focus on functionality, crafmanship, individual style and a sense of wonder to delivery exceptional work.


Fine cabinetry for your interior spaces intrinsically exquisite with a beauty that transcends time, solid wood furnishings sustain the soul and enrich our surroundings. Each piece is custom built for you, but crafted as if it were our own.

Home Offices

LDLICF designs and builds custom home offices spaces to meet your specific needs. Our designers will work with you to create an office space that is both functional and appropriate to your unique status.

Lightweight Marble

With utmost technicity and meticulous work on lightweight stones, our artists bring to life a combination of sculpture and design. Carved into the most beautiful stone and cut with the most complex geometries, stone cabinetry becomes timeless art.

bronze bar
Metal Furnishing

We shape metals to see the material taking form and become a unique object where creativity and craftsmanship converge into a genesis of unicity, quality, and beauty.


For more information regarding our products and services, please get in touch with us by filling out the details in the form here below.