Fireplace carved into a solid block of Saint Lauren marble

LDLICF / April 2, 2019

Lightweight Marble Fireplace

Here at LDLICF, we enjoy a good challenge. In fact, we want to be challenged because creating works of art is worth working for.

The Problem

We recently had a client who wanted a 7-foot fireplace with a 16-inch x 14inches carved into a French marble block. His concept sounded amazing, except his address the 11th  floor of Central Park West. As you can imagine, marble block on that size scale is extremely heavy approximately 2600 pounds and simply not practical for installation in a high rise both in terms of its sheer heft as well as in the logistics of transporting and installing it.

The Solution

Taking inspiration comes from Eiffel’s Statue of Liberty, we developed a plan to deliver exactly what our client envisioned but without the excessive weight. We located a block of marble from a quarry in France and had it delivered to our factory in Italy. From there, we created an ultra-light aluminum structure to form the bones of the fireplace. Next, we carved the marble down, creating a ¼-inch marble skin and reinforced it with resin and aluminum honeycomb. The result is a monolithic fireplace that weighs less than 200 pounds. Not only is the fireplace an elegant, stately showpiece that our client adores, but we were also able to easily transport the lightweight marble fireplace from our factory to the building with just two people. They rode alongside it up the elevator and installed it on the 11th floor with no installation or weight concerns whatsoever.

LDLICF Thoughts

“We’ve been working with lightweight marble quite a bit over the last few years, and this project is an excellent example of how you can get the best of both worlds — beauty and lightweight function. The fireplace has the look and feels of a monolithic block of carved marble but without the weight. The aluminum structure provides functional support but is hidden from view completely.”



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