Monumental Onyx Marble Tabletop as Light as a Feather (Almost)

LDLICF / April 17, 2019

The challenge

About a month ago, we received a phone call from a client who has a large collection of modern rugs. Her collection is so large that her mansion isn’t large enough to display them all at once. Thus, she rotates them, oftentimes changing rugs based on events, time of year, or whim. It’s a fantastic way for her to enjoy her treasured collection, but it does involve moving heavy furniture as part of the process.

She wanted a custom 13’ x 4’ marble table to entertain guests and complement her rugs but had concerns about moving it in order to swap rugs from time to time. “You know I need to move things around once in a while,” she said.

As you’ve probably guessed, moving a 13’ x 4’ marble table around is impractical for most homeowners. We’re talking thousands of pounds of weight at a monumental scale. Normally, you’d need a crane to move this type of table. Though our client has the means to hire a moving crew and crane, the logistics of doing so on a regular basis would certainly crimp her style. Fact is, it probably wouldn’t happen as often as she’d like.

Our approach

Having pioneered lightweight marble furnishings, we were undaunted by her challenge. We knew we could deliver a monumental marble table that could live up to its impressive surroundings without the sheer weight inherent in the stone. Upon touring the client’s home, one of her rugs caught our eyes. Its intricate design and organic colors led us to select a rare and beautiful slab of onyx marble.

We made the table by cladding a thin skin of onyx on a light aluminum structure and foam. The aluminum structure offers impressive stability of the tabletop with only six legs. The legs stay completely straight without any inflection whatsoever. Just four people can lift the entire table without requiring the use of a crane. Now, if our client wants to use a different color rug for spring, summer, winter, or fall, moving the table is a simple matter.

The completed table is stunning in its appearance and rock solid in construction. Our client was in shock when we pulled it out of the crate and set it up in her home.

Our experience

 “I’m not sure the client really believed me when I told her, ‘I will make you a portable marble table…’ I don’t blame her because hardly anyone else is doing this. We were able to deliver a timeless, durable piece with the stature she desired but without the heavy weight typically associated with large stone tables of this nature. It was too much fun to see her face when we unpacked this 13-foot by 4-foot marble table and moved it left and right by hand with the help of only two people. Compared to traditional marble tabletop construction, it was practically light as a feather!”



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